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  • Public Health are now recommending that all travelers who develop relevant symptoms, however mild, within 14 days of returning from mainland China, Thailand, Japan, Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia or Macau should self-isolate at home immediately and call NHS111.
  • We are already recommending that travelers from Wuhan and Hubei province should self-isolate for 14 days, even if they do not have symptoms, due to the increased risk from that area
  • Primary care practices are asked to identify possible cases, isolate them immediately, and ask the patient to call NHS111 from their mobile (or GP landline if a mobile is unavailable). Primary care settings are not expected to undertake any clinical assessment or sampling.

  • Any symptoms of flu, respiratory infection, fever etc. no matter how mild:
    • Call 111

For further information click here

Thank you for your understanding.

Come and join our team.

We are currently looking to recruit 2 new receptionists to come and join our amazing team.

Both posts are part time, 17.5 hours and 22.5hours.

The closing date is 20 February.

If you wish to submit your CV please email it to:

NEW Homeless Healthcare in Portsmouth

Homelessness in the 21st century is not something our society should accept.

Every human being deserves to have a warm safe place with the amenities required and the support available to get the help they need in order to live their lives to their potential.

So often this part of society is neglected and unable to access the services we take for granted, including access to Healthcare. Many do not feel comfortable with the 'normal processes' in place for the 99.9% and therefore can easily be lost in the system.

Portsmouth City Council have selected East Shore Partnership and other agencies for a new approach that will see healthcare delivered to the homeless on their terms.

Visiting the homeless Day Center in Milton Road clinicians will attend to their health needs of the homeless population, addressing acute and ongoing conditions as required, giving vaccinations needed and ensuring other agencies are involved in their care as required.

We cannot solve the homelessness situation overnight, but we can certainly make a difference in their health and if their health is better we would hope that other opportunities may open up to them going forward.

If you are homeless, or worried about becoming homeless help is available click here.

NEW Specialist Service for Long Term Conditions

Do you know that a new service is available in Portsmouth for patients of the East Shore Partnership?

We are part of a trial in Portsmouth that looks to bring together clinical experts from across the city to work with patients suffering from certain Long Term Conditions (LTC).

Initially focusing on Respiratory conditions and newly diagnosed Diabetic the 'hub' is made up from Specialist Nurses, Hospital Consultants, Practice Nurses and also Wellbeing services from across Portsmouth. So a one stop shop approach to ensure your care plan encompasses every aspect of what is needed without lots of separate visits and the need to repeat your story.

This is a massive achievement and is the first of its kind in Portsmouth, bringing all the specialists together to help our patients manage their Long Term Condition.

We will shortly be contacting those patients that this service may help and offer them the chance to become involved in a very different approach to manage their health.

So if you receive a text you will be contacted shortly by phone to discuss the service in person.

If the hub proves successful the way joined up care is delivered in Portsmouth may change forever.

Further information can be found HERE

NEW Positive Minds Portsmouth

Supporting people through distress.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the problems you face in life, there is a new service in Portsmouth designed to help.

“PositiveMinds” offers hope and support if you are struggling to cope with difficulties and distress.

If you are in despair about anything – such as housing, money, relationships, work, bereavement – or suffering low mood, anxiety, or a feeling of hopelessness, then this service is there to help.

Positive Minds is delivered by Solent Mind, Solent NHS Trust and Portsmouth City Council.

No appointment is necessary - you can just drop in to talk to trained Wellbeing Advisors. These are people who have lived through difficulties themselves, and can relate to how you are feeling.

Where: PO5 4BG. On Melbourne Place just off Middle Street, about 50 yards to the south of Winston Churchill Avenue in Southsea.

Contact: (023) 9282 4795.

Opening hours: Reduced hours over Christmas and New Year, mainly during traditional office hours. From 2 January, 2020 normal hours will be Monday to Friday 12.30pm – 7.30pm, and Saturday 10.30am – 1.30pm.

More: Visit

NEW Contraceptive Implant Service

Very exciting news, starting in January 2020 we will offering contraceptive implants to our female patients.

This is exciting as this has been a service that Portsmouth has been in desperate need of.

There is going to be hugely popular and in time we hope will also be a service patient from other surgeries can access.

To book into a clinic please contact the surgery on 023 9282 7132 or complete an e-Consult.

Later in 2020 we will also be offering a Mirena Coil fitting service. More on that nearer the time.

If you would like more information on Contraception and which may be best for you please follow this LINK

Fed up with long waits on hold...

Picture the scene, early Monday morning in Winter, you need to contact the surgery...

What you need cannot be done using the e-Consult or your SystmOnline application.....

So you join the telephone queue at 8am....

and you're already told that you are 25th !! in the queue.....

but you have the kids to get ready for school......

oh your phone credit is running out as well.....

and the phone battery is flashing on 2%........

Ding Dong..... the doorbell, that's all I need......


Can this morning get any worse ?????

Rather than waiting on hold, using your battery and your money you will be able to hang up, but retain your place in the queue.


When you near the front of the queue we will automatically call you and invite you to rejoin the call...... or cancel the call if that's what you want to do.

We will even try to call you 3 times, every 30 seconds, so it will be important to keep the phone nearby but you can carry on doing the other things you need to do.

It may not remove the wait during those busy times but we hope that it will make the experience more positive for you.

How do our Patients rate us?

What do our patients think of the services we provide?

Its important for new patients to be able to see what our current patients think of the services we offer. We routinely collect information regarding their experiences and publish them, good or bad, in a number of places to ensure transparency. It also gives us the opportunity to reflect on and improve what we do. Reviews can be found:

  • In each waiting room on the TV screens - shows the Friends and Family results each month
  • On the NHS Choices website - CLICK HERE
  • Working Feedback - see the floating button on the home page

We understand and appreciate that it's challenging to please everyone in an ever changing Primary Care world but we will not shy away from those challenges and encourage patients to tell us what they think.

The current Primary Care world is very different from years gone by and the challenge is to continue to meet your expectations and safely deliver a service that is sustainable both now and in the future.

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